1. Family Package
This is a 2 hour package allowing plenty of time for experimentation, unlimited poses, on camera shot reviews, everything needed to be sure we get the look you want. This package is perfect for family gatherings, reunions, parties, pre-wedding activities or any situation where you don’t want to be limited to time or restricted to a single location. I want to create beautiful portraits and capture unscripted moments as they occur in a comfortable and relaxed environment.This is the reason that I prefer to conduct my sessions in your home or in a place where you and your children are familiar and comfortable – free from distractions, headaches and outside influences. Photo retouching and print packages are optional.
Total price for this shoot is $300.00 and includes the edited images sent by dropbox.

2. Baby Package
This is the package for babies from birth to 12 months old. You pick the location and we shoot until we get the shot you want.  This shoot will consist of inside photos (the normal cute pics) and then some photos outside of your choice of location for those unique photos. This normally take one or two sessions depending on how the newborn baby works during the photo shoot.  (We like a sleeping baby).
Total price for this shoot is $200.00 (includes all edited images)

3. Engagement Package
This package is designed for the newly engaged.  You pick the location and we take off from there and shoot for around 2 hours. This is where you let loose and have fun so I can capture the love you have for each other.  
Total price for this shoot is $250.00 (includes all edited images)

4. Senior Portrait Package
This is the package for that signature senior portrait taken at that special location. You can be as creative as you want; bring as many outfits as you like and we’ll get the shot that best defines the memory of your senior year. All photos include retouching to bring out the best in your image. Want a group shot with your best friends? No problem. (2-Hour Time Frame allowed). 
Total price for this shoot $250.00 (includes all edited images)

6. Wedding Package
Please call or send email for more details.

Any traveling outside of Pitt County is subject to a min of $55.00 travel fee.  .

We offer a variety of cards, canvas prints, and other specialty items. Please inquire for prices.

We can custom design any type of shoot. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. We are professionals and our goal is to make sure you get exactly the shots you want.